Saturday, May 5, 2012

Get Ready for the Race... Beautiful Dresses for the Kentucky Derby

Get Ready for the Race... Beautiful Dresses for the Derby
The Kentucky Derby infield comes with its own agenda and dress code. Unbridled fun and frivolity is the focus of infield fans and with that attitude comes the need to be practical in all apparel choices. 

Infielders typically sport jeans or shorts, T-shirts, tanks or polo shirts, sneakers or comfortable sandals and other varieties of durable (and washable) attire. Some fans show up centerfield in more elaborate costumes, including fantastic get ups meant to draw attention. Whether you want to be noticed – or just blend into the crowd -- the key is comfort. Be sure to pack a rain jacket along with your cooler, chair, blanket or tarp. If it rains you’ll be glad you did (no umbrellas allowed!) And don’t forget the one thing ALL infielders should wear to the Derby regardless of the weather – a good layer of sunscreen!

Here I bring you some beautiful Dresses perfect for the occasion...  Hope you like them.

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